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A Beginning

A Beginning

Hey! My name is Myah (if you didn't already know) and I'm here to write about the crazy things that I've learned through the past year of my life. It was one of the most difficult years I have ever experienced so far (in my sixteen years in this world), and I've always made a promise to myself to turn the bad days into good, to make something of the struggles I've had. So, here I am. Turning the bad into good. This is arguably one of the scariest things I've ever done, putting myself out there to the opinions of anyone who happens to stumble across my little corner of the internet. But, I'm committed. I want this blog to be happy, encouraging, and to feel like family. 

When I was little, I was terrified of the idea of change. I never wanted to rearrange my room, I did't want my family to change a single Christmas tradition,  I hated it when my dad went out of town, etc. But today, the changes that are coming excite me. My personality, interests, and values are changing. The people I surround my self with are changing. The way I chose to spend my time, my perspective, and my physical environment are all changing. Instead of being scared and avoiding the changes that are coming, I have learned to love diving head first into the new. That being said, I am learning to push myself to strive for things that I have passions for. Writing being one. Jesus being another. Photography and music and fitness as well. Because the biggest thing I've learned this past year, is that the fear of not being good enough will keep you from the things that set your soul on fire. The things that remind you that this life is something to fall in love with, not something to watch pass by. So I'm taking steps to rewire the way I think. So I believe in my values and passions rather than believing I am not good enough for them. 

My dears, this life is not meant to be lived idly or in fear. Take a minute and think about your passions, what you hold close to your heart- and if those things are not a daily part of your life, change it. Make sacrifices if needed, but please not spend another day thinking that you must listen to the fear of failure. I spent the last year letting it control me, and it's not something I recommend.

So, put yourself out there. Learn the instrument. Have the conversation. Paint your room. Whatever you need. Allow yourself the opportunity for a new beginning. This is mine, I hope you find yours.




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Happy Places

Happy Places