Image courtesy of Marguerite Gaillard

Hi, I'm Myah.

But my family calls me Myah Papaya, you can too. 


I'm a Jesus lover. And a dreamer. And a writer (an amateur one at that). I'm a friends and family girl, although they see plenty of my grumpy self in the mornings. I'm an overachiever and a perfectionist, but also a procrastinator. I'm a dog lover (show me a picture or video of a dog and there is an 89% chance I'll start crying). I'm a regular at my favorite coffee shop and know the baristas by first name. I'm a cellist and a christmas fanatic.

I'm also a Junior in high school. I've learned an unmeasurable amount this past year, things that I hope to be able to put into coherent sentences for all of you to read. Thank you for visiting my corner of the internet, I hope it affects you in a positive way.